Welcome to Classmates Care®

Imagine a child who cannot go out to recess--all winter long!

Imagine a child who has to miss the field trip to the zoo, to the planetarium, to the museum of art or natural history.

Imagine how easy it is to help Classmates Care do something about that.

Classmates Care accepts donations of winter clothing as well as monetary donations, because every child deserves a chance to enjoy ALL that school has to offer--classroom activities, field trips, and recess! There is plenty of time in life to worry about money. A child's school years should be worry-free.

Help us support Thornapple-Kellogg school children with financial need!

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Classmates Care utilizes 100% of its donations for direct assistance to students in need. All administrative and overhead costs of Classmates Care are funded by one of the founder's family so that every donation can go directly to assist students.